Wednesday, 25 May 2011

(interactive space) website

Ideas for website
Page one: this page could either be about me section, enter screen, brief outline of the website
About me – this page would be obviously be about me example, what I have done previous work and current work hobbies with perhaps videos or pictures and
Enter screen – perhaps a picture of me with like magic, music, media type things such as cameras pc’s ,etc., with a button saying enter to get to  the main part of the website.
Brief out line of webpage -  a picture of me with an outline of what’s in the website could say something on the  lines of “ hey this is my portfolio website in here you will find work from college and university and also some of  my hobbies. Hope you enjoy.”

Think ill have the first page  the brief outline way as I think it kind of shows the user what is more expected and also I think will look more professional as a portfolio.

Page two. I think that this should be the about me page as I think if the pages are in a certain order it would be easier to navigate and for the user to gather the information in a linear way making it easier to make sense of the portfolio much better.
Obviously this would have much more detail about me and what I have done and even perhaps what I would like to do in the future.

Page three: I think that this page should be my C.V page as this is still about me its showing my qualifications and previous work places and skills I think that this would help to build more of an  image of who I  am and what I have achieved.
Page four: should be the actual portfolio page with work from college and current work from university as it shows my progression from college to university and also showing what I know and what I am learning,
Page five: this section is could be about my main hobby which is magic, hypnosis and perhaps I could say about other related topics such as stunts, escapology and mentalism. Ii think that this should be a page as this is something I am passionate about also in away helps talking topics and building report

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