Wednesday, 25 May 2011

(film) brick - sequence with shot type

Sequence with shot type
Ben has autisum/asberges which is when the brain isn’t fully developed classed as a mental illness. In this case Ben finds it hard to socialise with people (show that he is lonely) and that certain things make him happy in this case bricks, hopefull this will come through from the monologue and film, but trying to not the audience know that he has a mental illness and they think that hes just a bit insane for loving bricks for no absolute reason.

1st scene
Long shot – Ben walking up the road to the brickyard
          Music playing – playing softly – type n/a
Cuts to bens hand lightly dragging along a brick wall
Zooms out slowly to a medium shot showing the excitement, happiness (in a kind of crazy/odd way )on bens face.
Cuts to ben inside the brickyard looking at the bricks that are surrounding him with amazement.

2nd scene
Medium long shot (over the shoulder facing ben)
Ben picks up a brick camera stays in place as ben reaches down you see the assistant behind him.
You see bens face looking intensely at that one brick.

Assistant:  hey, you they are exactly the same as last week!
          Ben jumps slighty, turns around the assistant walks over as ben says...
Ben: do you have the multiblend i askede for?
Assistant: errr,  no i don’t think we do but we have a wide selection....(assistants voice goes into a blur/mumble as Ben losses focus in what he is saying )
3rd scene
As the assistants voice fades out cuts to Ben sniffing the brick from a close up panning shot following his face along the brick.
Assistant leaves the show room mumbling “weirdo”
Ben steals the brick as hes finished ‘testing’ it. In a pan down from the brick to his bag.
4th scene
See ben walking briskly towards the main door. As he is about to walk through the doors the camera cuts to a medium long shot from outside the building ad ben starts to run.

Im not too sure why i have this obbseion, from what i can remember ive like wait loved bricks from a yohu age.
I spose.... the way i feel about bricks especially about the colours and the texture they have just make me go over heels in excruciating lust for them weather it be

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