Wednesday, 25 May 2011

(film) brick - rought ideas

Rougth ideas of changing the script
Im not very good at explain things but hopefully you will kinda see the ideas that I am trying to bring to light to the people reading my blog J.
First idea:
Instead of having a normal bricks as in ones to build houses with  to have a “brick” of  marijuana being bought by someone who has never bought drugs brfore having to meet the dealer to get it off but goes to the wrong place and ends up buying actuall bricks.
Slight difference….
He ends up buying the “brick” of drugs and becomes obsessed with drugs.

This Idea isant great but I had to rewrite the idea as I lost part of my work :/ not fun I know lol
Idea two:
Having a monologue of a teenager who has autism but is just completely and utterly infatuated with all sorts of bricks (research different bricks) and just takes brikcs from where ever unless they are damaged he only really likes the most perfect bricks so he normally goes to a brick yard. And the people in there know him kind of well as a strange kid that seems he has no reason to take bricks.
What he does with bricks could either be:
Taking them as he has no friends and just paints different faces on each one to keep him company you don’t see tis till the end when a shot just over his shoulder not quite seeing what he is doing then the monologue starts the poem and the camera tracks back and all you see is a whole bunch of bricks already painted.

He just wants the bricks to rescue them from the slave land of the brick yard as he has a fairly distorted mind that bricks seem to have feelings almost like he has a pet dog not.
I guess that these ideas could work depending how filmed and on a more detailed script and outline.
Third idea:
Changing bricks to packs of playing cards (eaiser to get hold of as I have about 100 packs :/ lol.) and he goes to all kind of shops and peoples flats in halls and just takes them without asking. And instead of building card towers he builds a card tower using and packs instead of single cards

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