Wednesday, 25 May 2011

(film) brick - cast and crew

Cast and crew
Well since im in a group on my own then ill be doing all the paper work such as the cast and crew list risk assesments  for brick yard and filmimg around the streets. Location recces scripts ideas and also filiming and editing the project.
How I will be looking for cast members and backups in case of people not being able to help me.
Send an email to theatre and arts department for any volunteers and an email to Jan Binch who can send a mass email to all to find any one that could be interested.
Also by asking people around my class or anyone friends that have an interesting in film/acting.
Ask my girlfriends if any of her mates that are studying acting and theatre if they would like to help on my project.
Once found some people who would like to in the film set up some auditions to see who is a better actor for the character and then choose the second best for back ups.

Ideas for cast and crew:
Main character – alex tipple – reason why – he sometimes acts stupid and comes up with some random ideas and things
Main character – John kave – studies theatre and acting  
Brick assistant – Sean kelly – studies theatre and acting and also looks like a builder
Brick assistant – Sammy mcgraw – has done somme acting and been in a few plays so has experience and also hes from London and sounds cockney which seems like a builder thing .

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