Thursday, 14 October 2010

my design process

We were asked to describe and explain our deisgn/idea process, meaning the way that we as individuals come up with an idea or design and how that thought process is progressed to the final idea or one of the finishing stages.
The way that I typically come up with an idea with magic and hypnosis is either one out of five ways.
  1. Walking somewhere e.g. to University and either seeing something that makes something click in my mind or thinking about another time when I was performing and either re-arranging or changing up the trick or script.
  1. Asking my girlfriend or mate what would be a good trick and then thinking up a method, usually right there and then.
  1. Look at other magicians work and taking their idea and either coming up with my own method or by simply improving the trick/hypnotic suggestion to making it more of my own which could simply be using what I think is a better sleight or phrase.
  1. Watching TV helps me to generate an idea either for the trick or presentational ideas from either what the actors/presenters and saying.
  1. And simply by playing around with a pack of cards or other magical props and just seeing what happens. And either recording it or by writing it down.
But for more of an insight to the way I come up with ideas if I was walking to University and maybe something like seeing someone who looks like they would be a good ‘Victim’ to perform magic then depending what type of props I have on me say for example sponges, and instead of using the routine that I usually do I may add another phase or something different and as I have just been writing this I came up with an idea. To produce a sponge in a waving motion and then instead of making another sponge appear from the other one taking the sponge and simply putting it to my hand and holding it tight the sponge changes to a £2coin witch from a magicians point of view would be a pretty cool transformation as something that is associated with magic the sponge changing into something that people use everyday and then taking that coin putting it into the 'victims' hand and having them hold tight on that coin and perhaps and some suggestion to make them feel that the coin is becoming hot and when they open there hand the coin has mutlipled into 2 coins.

Here are some snap shots of the trick being done.

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