Wednesday, 25 May 2011

(interactive space) website - what should i put on

Work on the website
Some of the work I have listed is not shown on the website as I either decided not to put it on or had problems trying to upload them to YouTube and vimeo.
Work from college:
Media work as I am doing multimedia coruse at university.
-         Drugs documentary – Wouldn’t up load to either even though its inside of the requirements.
-         Lynx advert -  Is on the website and youtube.
-         Magic murder – Is also on the website and youtube.
-         Luton sixth form QVC – I decied not to put this on as it was the full video it was only the pre-recorded items and was also outside of the requirements to actually put it up on youtube.
-         Fashion show from retail I editied and was in – it was too long and too big of a file to go up so I had to leave it out , kind of a shame .

Work from university:
All work that has been uploaded to blogger  and vimeo but they are put on as links to them as I thought if anyone was to leave comments or to rate it would show up on the original place keeping my website more tidy and professional looking.
Work out side of the education system:
All the work that I have done outside of college and university isn’t up here as the disc I have were too badly scratched that it was unreadable and my mate who I made them with couldn’t find his copies. Again annoying and shame but guess that will teach me to look after things a lot more carefully.

(interactive space) website - menu ideas

Menu ideas
My initial idea was not to use the normal spray menu or side bar menu as I thought that most of the class would be doing that so I thought I would do something different and use an image map.
First menu idea:
This is the first idea I had when I was thinking of having a dark theme to my portfolio. Now I didn’t finish it as I was going to put home, c.v etc. in the image and make a like but I decided I didn’t like the idea at all so stopped and started again.
this was going to be either a replacement for the cypia tone one or when the mouse rolled over it would change, but like I said I didn’t like it as soon as I made it pretty much.

This Is the original image of the picture I decide to use in the end.

 What I did was to it I cropped it to an appropeaite size to fit nicely my website page and put it into greyscale to give an extra feel and to fit in with my light theme. As you can see the image look fairly different and highlights some attribute of the picture in my opinion and added the buttons in Photoshopcs5. I originally tried to keep the fire (FlashPaper) in its original colour but for some reason it wouldn’t let me I asked other Photoshop users and went on to help website, but in the end I’m quite happy how it turned out.

Although the menu on the first page does look a tad different as I added a brief describtion to the side explaining the the website.
As I was writing this paragraph I tried different fonts and colours and this is what ib liked the best.
Also as you can see the text is at a slant which I thought It adds a bit of character as I thought having it straight would just make it seem slightly boring and uniteresting.